Yosoy Video Productions

We believe creativity doesn’t have a price, the world is but a canvas to the imagination. Yosoy Video is a Video Production company with 15 years of experience.

Besides our creativity one of our most important values is to satisfy our clients.
Our team is filled with international directors, cameramen, editors and producers – which are all on top of the game and keep evolving to be the best in their field and

stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. We think big and enjoy working with a variaty of brands worldwide, and are featured on Al Jazeera, National Geographic, BBC and VPRO The Netherlands. Yosoy Video produces award-winning video content, TV/web series, TV-commercials and documentaries, with a particular affinity for adventure, travel and human stories. Based in Haarlem, a city near Amsterdam, Yosoy Video’s Video Productions offer full-service roll-outs. Our goal is to capture glimpses of magic and leave our audience with goosebumps and lasting impressions.